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Grad Schools DESCRIPTION – MASTERS DEGREE IN MANAGEMENT: The Masters in Management degree is a post-baccalaureate degree emphasizing advanced expertise in business management. The Masters in Management can serve as an interim step if one subsequently pursues a Ph.D. in various business specialties.

Grad SchoolsFOCUS: A Masters in Management focuses on in-depth skills and techniques in business management. Regardless of any specific specialty within business management that may be selected, the emphasis of the Masters in Management is always on the theory and practices of businesses and their management. The focus of the Masters in Management is on the component parts of a business organization and how it must work together to operate successfully. The Masters in Management will include core study areas in marketing management, financial management, personnel management, production management and systems management.

Grad SchoolsEDUCATIONAL SOURCES: A Masters in Management can be obtained from many educational resources. There are many online programs available from private, public, and for-profit graduate schools. Most universities and many graduate-level colleges offer the Masters in Management within their business school; the Masters in Management program may be even established as a separate standalone program within a specially-named graduate institute. Most make their Masters in Management program available to part-time students. An undergraduate degree in business, accounting or management is typically a prerequisite to acceptance into a Masters in Management program. Many companies offer tuition support for employees seeking a Masters in Management degree.

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BENEFITS OF AN Masters in Management Degree:

  • A Masters in Management degree, especially when combined with a technical degree or other professional expertise, can open many career doors if you are looking for a business finance leadership role.
  • The Masters in Management degree can open access to the positions of Directors or Assistant / Associate Vice President overseeing various business departments, to serving as Vice Presidents of major corporate divisions, or other senior business management roles. Business management roles can be found across virtually all private or public businesses and corporations.
  • A Masters in Management is also a significant help to those looking to start and manage their own business. The Masters in Management degree provides critical insights to the methods, techniques and skills needed to be successful in running a business organization for yourself as well as others.
  • Employment opportunities for individuals with management degrees are excellent and are expected to remain so for years to come. Those who obtain a Masters in Management degree are even more highly desirable to employers seeking future leaders for their companies. Starting salaries for those with a Master in Management degree are usually offered a beginning salary significantly higher than those with a Bachelor’s Degree or other business degrees.