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Grad SchoolsFOCUS: An MBA focuses on broad management skills and techniques.  You can also choose to pursue an MBA in a more specialized area, e.g. an MBA in Accounting, an MBA in Human Resources, an MBA in Healthcare, an MBA in Technology, or an MBA in Global Business.  Regardless of any specialty selected, the emphasis of the MBA is always on the art of managing a business function or company utilizing best business practices from a data-driven perspective.  An MBA can complement degrees you may have in other specialized professional areas, combining a technical expertise with a business understanding – e.g. an MBA with a separate medical degree for a career in healthcare, or an MBA with a separate Computer Science or Business Systems degree for a career in technology.

Grad SchoolsEDUCATIONAL SOURCES: An MBA can be obtained from many educational resources.  There are many online MBA programs available from private, public, and for-profit graduate schools.  Most universities and many graduate-level colleges offer the MBA within their business school; the MBA program may be even established as a separate standalone program within a specially-named graduate institute.  Most make their MBA program available to part-time students.  Many companies offer tuition support for employees seeking an MBA.

"Getting my MBA was one of the best decisions
I've ever made, Thank you!" Mark K. - NY, NY.

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  • A management MBA, especially when combined with a technical degree or professional expertise in finance, accounting, healthcare, technology, etc, can open many career doors if you are looking for a business leadership role.  Management positions for leaders with an MBA have a significantly higher salary than non-MBA managers.  MBA leaders also have a higher job retention given the value of their business knowledge.
  • MBA programs typically emphasize a “case studies” approach, looking at real-life business situations, problems and their solutions; this real-world training is highly valued by future employers.
  • Most MBA programs put an emphasis in working on group projects, whether in an online MBA program or a resident MBA program; successful experience working in groups is also highly valued by future employers.  The personal networking opportunities that come from studying with others pursuing an MBA – meeting other future business leaders – are significantly enhanced by online MBA or resident MBA study.
  • By understanding all facets of the business environment and running a business organization, an MBA also provides a significant advantage in starting and running your own business – writing business plans, raising startup funds, taking the first steps of running the new company.  New businesses started by people with MBAs have a significantly better success rate.