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Choosing a graduate program in nursing is a big decision. If you have undergraduate training in gerontology and an interest in advancing your nursing career, going back to school to train as a gerontological nurse practitioner might be your best choice.

Classes You Might Take in the Gerontology Specialty

Graduate programs in nursing school might focus on several sub-specialties: gerontological clinical nurse specialist, gerontological nurse practitioner, or other areas of concentration.

CNS degree programs give nursing students the skills to work with older adults in a variety of settings. GNP programs teach you how to provide primary care for older adults, including managing acute and chronic diseases in collaboration with medical doctors.

Coursework for all master's degree nursing students involves learning critical thinking and decision-making skills as well as advanced gerontological theory. You will spend time in the classroom and in hands-on clinical training.

Salaries for Gerontological Nurse Practitioners

The average salary for a GNP or CNS degree holder is around $75,000. If you have an interest in research, you might earn an even higher annual salary. The more experience and training you have, the higher your pay as a nurse.

While in graduate school, take advantage of opportunities to work on faculty or university research projects. This type of experience is invaluable when you're done with school and seeking a full-time job. You can expect higher job offers if you've got more training.

More Information About Nursing Graduate Degree Programs

Earning a master's degree in nursing is a big decision. You're committing to at least two years of nursing school to gain the skills and knowledge you'll need to enter advanced practice gerontology.

Gerontology graduate programs are highly specialized. Request information from each school offering this degree concentration so you can really see all your options before applying to nursing school. Use our graduate school finder right on this page to get started!

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