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Which graduate program in nursing should you choose? A certified nurse midwife degree program may be just the education you're looking for. More and more women are choosing to give birth with minimal technology, and the demand for nurse midwives definitely outstrips the supply of properly trained nurses.

Classes You Might Take in the Nurse Midwife Specialty

Nurse midwives assist women in childbirth, but they also provide primary care for mothers and their children throughout their lives. Your graduate degree program might focus on the women's health nurse practitioner specialty or some other area of midwifery.

WHNP programs offer courses in health promotion, holistic care, cultural competency, newborn health care, pharmacology, and managing complications in pregnancy and childbirth. This master's of science nursing degree prepares you with plenty of theory courses and hands-on practice while you're still in school.

Depending on your undergraduate training and clinical experience, you may be able to complete a CNM program in as little as one year of graduate school. In addition, there are graduate programs available for students who hold non-nursing bachelor's degrees. These programs might take up to three years to complete.

Salaries for Certified Nurse Midwives

CNM degree holders earn an average salary of around $84,000 a year. The more training and advanced practice experience you have, the higher your salary. Because there is a lack of qualified nurses in this field, many hospitals offer signing bonuses to new nurses.

Your salary might be higher in a major hospital in a large city, but your cost-of-living will also be higher. There is high demand for nurse midwives to work in rural areas, and you might find the perfect nursing job in one of these areas.

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