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What can you do with a graduate degree in social services? Earn your master's of science with a concentration in criminal justice and corrections and you'll find many career opportunities after graduation.

Who employs criminal justice / corrections degree program graduates?

Prisons and correctional facilities are primary employers for social workers who have focused their graduate educations in criminal justice. Court systems—especially city and county courts—always have a need for highly-trained supervisors and administrators, or you might find work in a probation office. Non-profit organizations that rehabilitate criminals or provide victim services are also looking to hire social workers with graduate degrees.

What are some areas of interest while working on a corrections/criminal justice graduate degree?

Within the criminal justice concentration, your master's degree in social work could focus on counseling and therapy, youth services, rehabilitation, probation and parole, or victim assistance. Make sure to take elective courses that reflect your main area of interest.

What other activities should I do in addition to coursework in social services?

While you're in college earning your master's degree, take the time to volunteer or seek entry-level jobs at corrections facilities, juvenile offender agencies, or victim assistance organizations. Graduate school teaches you background and theory—volunteering lets you practice what you're learning.

Any special tips for students in online human services degree programs?

Online degree program students must seek out extra opportunities in their local communities. Join a network of social services agencies, attend public board meetings, or shadow a professional social worker to develop a mentoring relationship. These activities will help you find a job after graduation.

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