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Graduate Programs in Liberal Arts & Humanities
Get Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Liberal Arts & Humanities

Get Your Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Liberal Arts & HumanitiesSpecializations for Your Masters or Doctoral Degree in Liberal Arts & Humanities

Liberal arts and humanities graduate programs cover a broad range of topics from the imminently practical to the highly theoretical. Advertising, journalism and interactive media studies equip graduate students to apply their learning to a number of different career paths. Humanities, literature and liberal arts programs teach graduate students how to think critically and analyze connections between topics. No matter which degree you choose, you'll immerse yourself in what you love.

Choosing the right Grad SchoolChoosing the Right Graduate School for Liberal Arts & Humanities

As you embark on your quest for a master's degree or PhD in humanities and liberal arts, request free information from several schools so you can compare programs, administrative support, and financial aid offerings. This background research gives you a chance to find the school that fits your life and your learning goals. Don't ignore online universities—liberal arts grad students have found online programs to be a great way to get a graduate degree. Online colleges offer almost all humanities and English majors the opportunity to earn an advanced degree via distance learning. Complete your studies without missing a beat in your current life.

Graduate Degree ProgramsGraduate Degrees in Liberal Arts & Humanities

The MA (Master of Arts) or MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degrees are the most common liberal arts programs. Either one qualifies you for dozens of career paths, and both let you take an in-depth look at your field of study. PhD and doctoral programs in communications and liberal arts qualify you to teach at the university level, take a high-paying management job, or conduct research in your field. The MFA is a terminal degree like the doctorate, meaning you've concluded your studies and are now ready to practice what you've learned. Many MA degree-seekers go on to complete PhDs, or they may take a dual degree track (for instance, also getting a master's in education or an MBA).

Graduate Program Job OutlookJob Outlook for Humanities Graduates

Communications and liberal arts are broad disciplines with many job opportunities. These flexible graduate degrees open up almost unlimited opportunities for new graduates and career changers. If you're going into postsecondary teaching at the college level your job prospects are best if you hold a PhD degree, and employment is expected to grow by 15 percent over the next ten years. If you're going into writing or journalism, familiarity with new technology is a must as Internet-based news and commentary take over traditional communications. History and woman's studies degrees lead to rewarding careers in teaching or social sciences. It's very important to talk with a career counselor at each school you're considering for your graduate program so you tailor your degree for your career aspirations.

Grad School Courses Courses You Might Take in Grad School

Graduate programs in liberal arts studies emphasize creativity, connections between current knowledge and history, and critical thinking. You will no doubt study literature from the classics to modern writers; various genres of writing such as screenwriting, journalism, and fiction; and human cultures and communication. History, ethnic studies, and archeology students delve deeply into what makes cultures tick. Your final year in a master's program will probably be taken up with creating your own original work of research that contributes to your field. PhD students immerse themselves in theory and explore their branch of liberal arts deeply. All English and humanities degree programs emphasize publishing either individually or collaboratively.

Key benefits of getting a graduate degree Benefits of getting a graduate degree in Liberal Arts & Humanities

  • Broad liberal arts education
  • Sharpen critical thinking skills
  • Develop an understanding of human cultures
  • Follow your passion
  • Teach others
  • Communicate using the latest technology
  • Change careers easily
  • Be recognized creatively and critically
  • Conduct research
  • Live and work almost anywhere