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Law & Criminal Justice: Paralegal Studies

Online law schools and campus-based schools offering graduate degrees in Paralegal Studies are listed on this page, or use the “Find Schools Near You” search box on the left to search by ZIP code and degree type. Please visit the sister site at to find undergraduate paralegal studies programs!

Earning a master's degree in paralegal studies qualifies you to work for the finest law firms in the United States as well as international law firms. Don't settle for an entry-level paralegal job with slow advancement and salary raises! Get a master's degree and you'll be seen as a respected professional with advanced skills and knowledge. Request free enrollment and financial aid information from four campus-based law schools and four different online law schools to compare all your options in paralegal studies programs. More than just a search engine for graduate degree programs. Click on the article titles below to read more about law school, legal studies, and related disciplines!