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Featured law schools offering paralegal degree programs are listed below this article. Look for online colleges, and request admissions information from each one.

If you have a few years of experience as a paralegal, it might be time to consider enrolling in graduate school to earn a master's degree or graduate certificate. You don't have to give up your current job and your hard-won pay raises to go to school: take an on line program instead.

Online Courses in Paralegal Studies: What Will You Learn?

Each online college offers a slightly different set of courses in paralegal studies, but all offer a comprehensive master's degree-level education. You'll study the theory, philosophy and history behind various kinds of law. You'll practice your research and writing skills at a high level—and gain valuable insight into how to communicate more professionally.

Most graduate programs survey government law, international law, corporate law, and litigation procedures. A few online degrees may specialize in a particular kind of law, or may offer electives that allow you to tailor your paralegal degree.

Online colleges work a little differently from traditional on-campus schools. All your courses are completed through the Internet, and you interact with classmates and professors using a discussion board. Typically, you'll study one online class at a time which makes it easier to absorb information and perform well on quizzes, tests, and written assignments.

Going to Law College Online: What You Need for Success

Because many online colleges offer classes using the accelerated learning model, you'll need to dedicate yourself to completing assignments on a weekly basis every week until you graduate. This is an intense course of study that lets you get your master's degree in less time.

To succeed in online paralegal studies, you'll need to be incredibly organized and focused. You'll need to balance your life's priorities in a slightly different way for a few months, and you'll need help from family, friends, and coworkers.

If you've been working as a paralegal for any length of time, you already possess these qualities for success. Don't wait any longer: take the first step toward higher education and an awesome career.

You might be interested in applying for the summer law intern program through the Department of Justice or learn more about online grad school masters programs: accelerated learning and distance education.

Use the law school search results below to explore all campus and online paralegal studies graduate programs. Click on “Programs” to see what's offered by each university, and click “Request More Info” to get your free college information.