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People may tell you there are hundreds of internship opportunities available for graduate students pursuing government and public administration degrees. But where do you find the right program for you? Finding the ideal internship takes a little homework, and this article will help you get started.

Use Your Network to Find Internships

Begin your search for a public administration internship with your own network: family, friends, former mentors, former professors, current professors, professional organizations... the list goes on. You're likely to hear about internships that fit your future career goals closely through this network.

Talk to your graduate school career office, too. There may be local opportunities if you're attending a campus-based graduate school. If you're earning your master's degree online, your university will have a career development department that may be able to connect you with local or national internships.

Find Internships on the Internet

Get started with these nonprofit organizations and government agencies, and expand your search as needed:

Create Your Own Internship Opportunity

If you've leveraged your network and hunted through the Internet and still haven't found the right opportunity, create your own internship. Send letters to nonprofit organizations in your field. Contact people outside your network who would be good mentors. Be creative!

You may need to do more legwork if you're creating your own internship, but that extra work is also good experience—and shows you have the capability to solve problems and manage projects. Take the initiative and you'll be rewarded in the end.

Read more about what you'll get out of an internship in public service, or explore an excellent social networking site for government studies graduate students:

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