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There aren't too many graduate programs that allow you to earn your masters degree in electrical engineering entirely online, but these online degrees are offered by prestigious colleges. Two notable all-online electrical engineering master's programs are from DeVry University and Colorado Technical University.

Why Get an Online Degree?

Many electrical engineers work in remote locations—or at least far from traditional university campuses. Distance education puts student into virtual classrooms where they learn exactly the same thing, on their own time.

Many electrical engineers are already working full-time and can't accommodate on-campus class schedules. Getting an online degree puts the student in charge of learning and success and accelerated programs lead to graduation in less time than a traditional degree program.

Courses Taught in the Master's of Electrical Engineering Program

Computer architecture and design tops the list of courses in the MS program, and you'll also touch on digital communications and communications equipment, electronics security, and leading-edge integrated circuits.

Your undergraduate engineering education prepares you to learn advanced processes and techniques. At the master's degree level, you can dig deeper into defense industry project management. Many advanced EEs go on to lucrative careers in the Federal government.

Careers in Electrical Engineering

After you graduate from the master's program, you can apply for jobs with titles such as “Senior Electrical Engineer,” “Senior Systems Engineer,” or “Director of Engineering.” Beyond the fancy title of your new job, you'll be put in charge of projects and take the lead in departments.

If you've reached a plateau in your electrical engineering career, it's time to enroll in an online graduate program and get your master's degree. You could be on your way to a better career in about a year—far less time than attending a traditional engineering program.

Dozens of other EE programs offer distance education for at least part of their classes, but if you're an electrical engineer interested in getting your master's degree entirely online, look into these two programs.

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