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Graduate Programs in Biological & Life Sciences
Get Your Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Biological & Life Sciences!

Find Your Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Biological & Life SciencesSpecializations for Your Masters in Biological & Life Sciences

Biological and Life Sciences graduate degrees open up a world of possibilities for careers in biology, health care, and veterinary science. What can you do with your master of science or doctorate of science degree? Many biologists work in research either in labs or the great outdoors. Health care is a booming career field as we search for solutions to disease and ill-health. Conservationists are important partners in preserving our planet Earth. Future science teachers need advanced science degrees to teach in elementary or high school, and professors at colleges and universities probably need a PhD in their particular biology concentrations.

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Choosing the right Grad SchoolChoosing the Right Graduate School for Biological & Life Sciences

Top ranked science schools should have everything an advanced student needs to succeed: technology, cutting edge lab equipment, and highly knowledgeable faculty. At the master of science and doctoral education level, you'll be conducting extensive research both in the field and in the laboratory and library. It's vital that your graduate science program include opportunities to expand your education into hands-on science work. Look for a university or college that lets you focus on your concentration, with small class sizes and individualized interactions with professors and advisors.

Graduate Degree ProgramsGraduate Degrees in Biological & Life Sciences

Degrees for most specializations are Masters of Science degrees or PhD degrees. You may even be able to earn dual degrees through extended study programs offered at some top ranked universities. Veterinarians will earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. Many schools of biology also offer a Master of Science Teaching (MST). Some MST programs are entirely online, giving science teachers a great chance to complete their degrees from home while working at their current jobs. Most science disciplines require students to attend courses on campus because they're laboratory intensive, but it's possible to complete some online courses as well.

Graduate Program Job OutlookJob Outlook for Biological & Life Sciences Graduates

Business leaders and the government are clamoring for highly trained scientists in all fields, and biological and life sciences is expecting steady job growth over at least the next ten years. Federal government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Agriculture Department are expecting a wave of retirements soon as older workers move out of their current positions, which opens doors for new science graduates. Corporations are calling for consultants to help "green" their processes, and an MS or PhD holder can find plenty of work in consulting. There continues to be a shortage of qualified science teachers at the elementary and high school level—science teachers are always in high demand.

Grad School Courses Courses You Might Take in Grad School

At the master of science level you'll immerse yourself in advanced mathematics, fascinating laboratory projects, and in-depth study of your particular field. You'll also have the opportunity to take field courses and travel to interesting places to do the work of science for several weeks at a time. Many science schools allow graduate students to work in internships and research projects, giving you the opportunity to be recognized for your knowledge and commitment to biological and life sciences.

Key benefits of getting a graduate degree Benefits of getting a graduate degree in Biological & Life Sciences

  • Hundreds of careers in the outdoors
  • Hundreds of careers in high-tech labs
  • Hundreds of careers in non-profit organizations
  • Opportunities to conduct fascinating research
  • Job security and advancement
  • Rewarding work that makes an impact
  • Get involved in politics and policy-making
  • Solve real-world problems and improve humanity
  • Travel and live in exotic locations/li>
  • Command a higher salary