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Graduate Programs in Applied & Fine Arts Graduate Programs
Specializations for Your Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Specializations for Your Masters in Applied & Fine Arts

Specializations for Your Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Specializations for Your Masters in Applied & Fine ArtsSpecializations for Your Masters Degree in Applied & Fine Arts

Grad school is the time to specialize your arts degree with intensive study of your chosen field. Or, go practical with your graduate degree and get an MBA or a Masters of Art Administration. Have you thought about teaching art or going into art therapy? How about a Masters of Digital Arts or Media Design, if you're interested in technology? Many doctoral graduates of fine arts schools go into museum work or become faculty at U.S. and international universities. Talk to a career counselor when you enroll in arts school so you can effectively meet your educational goals and career dreams. View relevant sub-categories and article topics.

Choosing the right Grad SchoolChoosing the Right Graduate School for Applied & Fine Arts

Interested in applied arts or fine arts? Creativity and talent are honed to a fine edge in graduate school. Request information from competitive fine arts schools and from more comprehensive colleges and universities so you have a number of choices. Each arts college has different procedures and requirements, so look for admissions policies in the information you request from fine arts schools because you'll probably audition or put together a portfolio to apply to art school. Expect interviews, essay writing, and attending a class to be part of admissions, too. It's recommended that you apply to several graduate programs because masters and PhD programs may limit the number of students they accept each year.

Graduate Degree ProgramsGraduate Degrees in Applied & Fine Arts

A number of different graduate degrees are available for dance, theater, music, and visual arts. Get a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), or a doctorate. Select top ranked arts colleges also have online masters and MFA degrees for certain fields, so you may be able to complete all or part of your graduate degree in arts from home. An MFA is considered a terminal degree—this simply means that you've studied the practice of art thoroughly and are now ready to enter the workforce. Often, MA students will go on to complete PhDs to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Graduate Program Job OutlookJob Outlook for Applied & Fine Arts Graduates

There are about 2 million jobs in the arts and entertainment industry. Fine and Applied Arts is a highly competitive field, but earning a masters degree or PhD shows you have the talent and commitment to succeed as a professional artist. For dance, drama and theater majors, you could work as a professional actor or dancer, agent, producer, director, sound designer, costume designer, or manage a theater company. Musicians may perform in prestigious orchestras or go into radio as a career. A masters or doctoral degree in the arts qualifies you to work at museums and historical sites, letting you share your passion with the public. Entrepreneurs may want to start their own theater companies or become consultants to television, film, government, and corporations.

Grad School Courses Courses You Might Take in Grad School

At the Masters degree level, you'll study advanced techniques and methods. You'll also conduct independent research into drama, music, applied art, creative writing, photography, or whatever field you're specializing in. PhD arts students study theory and gain a deep understanding of the specialization. Doctoral students have the opportunity to develop professional skills that will serve them well as faculty members at prestigious universities and liberal arts colleges. Art school MA, MFA and PhD programs emphasize both discipline-specific study and comparative and trans-disciplinary programs.

Key benefits of getting a graduate degree Benefits of getting a graduate degree in Applied & Fine Arts

  • Learn business and entrepreneurial skills
  • Study your passion intensively
  • Create career connections
  • Build a stunning portfolio
  • Command big commissions and salaries
  • Become a qualified teacher
  • Be recognized as a professional artist
  • Grow in confidence as an artist
  • Access the latest technology
  • Immerse yourself in a creative community